A Few Prayer Requests…

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Hello Friends! Happy May!

Please be praying for us over the next seven weeks as some or all of us travel nationally and internationally for airport runs, meetings, to get groceries, and to pick up a small shipment of dry goods.

Also, please be in prayer for our oldest son over the next year. We are praying for God to heal a genetic condition in his hands. He’s so sweet and says he doesn’t mind because God made him special that way. But I worry how the condition will affect him as he grows.

It’s so very hot and dry here in West Africa. Wells are running dry and while we’re happy to share the water we have, it won’t last long. Please pray for rain.

Lastly, we’ve been keeping a secret from you. Watch your inbox to see the good gift God has given us and to share your thoughts about important decisions that need to be made in the coming weeks.

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