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I have felt compelled to finish the year well: to not let work, school, and personal routines slip because it’s the end of the year; but to finish several projects well. This week I’ve been droopier than our trumpet vines since I’ve been sick. I’m trying to do what I can each day none-the-less.

The most important project I’m working on are the 2017 Scripture calendars. I’m using beautiful grey-scale mandalas instead of illustrations this year. Risograph machines and photocopiers limit our artistic freedoms, but I think the grey-scale mandalas will be quite appealing. All of the Scripture verses used relate to prayer. The reach of the calendars will span more than three countries in at least three languages, and include both solar and lunar calendars as Muslims celebrate their holy days based on visibility of the new moon each month.

My English student continues classes, although only once a week now since she attends elementary school. She’s a seven year old little girl who is friends with our girls. She’s high energy and the girls like having her over to learn and play. This week we shared the Good News of Christmas with her and her father. We also baked sugar cut out cookies, and we gave her a small gift.

I hope you too are making the most of the last days of 2016. May God bless you this holiday season for His glory. Merry Christmas, friends.

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