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Do you enjoy I Spy games? If so, here is a shot from the table in Jon’s room, our night guard. Jon loves to tinker with flashlights. He comes to our house each evening and stays until after sunrise; patrolling the yard to keep us safe and working the grounds.

Jon loves it when I give him small projects to keep him awake: uproot a volunteer tree, mop the porches, or turn the compost pile. He’s a self-starter even if he is a little over zealous with the pinking shears. He once took a class about how to make compost so he’s requested responsibility for the compost pile in our garden. I confess: I still work it, having to remove trash and branches.

Jon loves boiling hot, black coffee, and I’m happy to oblige as it helps him stay awake through the cooler and otherwise monotonous nights.

Can you name at least five items on the table in Jon’s room and tell what they are used for? What, in your opinion, is the most important item on the table? Check below for the answers.


Here are 31 items from left to right in the picture. Bold denotes what we think are the most important items. How did you do?
Pinking Shears: Cutting flowers
Machete: Cutting brush and trimming trees
Printed Scripture: Reading
Cardboard Scrap: Fire starter
Metal Flashlight Tube: Spare part. Flashlights are not well made and break easily.

Stick with Frayed Ends: Toothbrush
Razor Blade: Cutting
Resealable Bag: Keeps matches dry{er} during the rainy season
Matches: Lighting cooking fire {for tea}
Spoon: Stirring tea and coffee; eating food

Cutting knife: Cutting flora and fauna
Toothpick: Picking teeth
Flashlight Parts: Spares
Slingshot: Shooting at rats, birds, and burglars
Electrical Plug: Spare plug for phone charging cord

Rocks: Slingshot
Rubber Bands: Holds money packets together
Plastic Flashlight Tube: Spare parts
Pills: Medication
Plastic Bag: Fire starter

Extra Long Flashlight: 2 Flashlights put together to make a single working flashlight
Old Match Box: Fire starter
Blue Cup: Drinking
Clear Plastic Bag: Keeps contents dry{er} in rainy season
Hand Woven Grass Basket: Holds old batteries

Old D Batteries: For use in flashlights
Charcoal: Starting charcoal fire for making tea
Flashlight Top: Spare
Blue Box: Scripture audio player
AA Battery: Flashlight
Paper: Scripture








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