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French impressionist Claude Monet painted about 250 oil paintings depicting water lilies at his home in Northern France during the last 30 years of his life. Monet suffered from cataracts which some believe may have been the key to his “blurry” style. Others disagree since his manner of painting didn’t drastically change after his cataract surgery in 1923.

Monet’s physical limitations remind me of our own here in this place: We will never be nationals; we will never speak the language with complete fluency; we will never think like a Guinean; we will always be handicapped because we’re not native born. Still, God chooses to use us in this location for His glory: we share what we can while treating burns; the Gospel is given with food from our garden; Scripture is included with gifts for new babies; and the Truth is woven into English classes. Despite our handicaps, we try to remain faithful to that which we have been called and trust God to create His masterpiece on the canvas of the hearts of the Fulbe people.

{For we are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10}


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