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We have a portable Sawyer water filter. It mechanically filters out bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. It’s awesome. We love it. There’s just one problem. We haven’t found a good solution for the issue of not having a proper stand for it. At present, the water filter is rigged to an old Katadyn tub which is stationed on top of a cooler, where we put hand- drawn well water. The water is then gravity pulled through a tube and the hanging filtration device before it drops into a drinking bottle below the unit.

Because each water bottle takes about 8 minutes to fill, I continually overflow water bottles. Like, daily. I step away to change a diaper, put dishes away, build a “tall, tall, block tower,” or a million other things. And then I forget about the water being filtered. And then I end up with a small lake on the kitchen floor. After three bottles overflowed onto the floor today, I thought, “Sure wish my life overflowed with the presence of the Holy Spirit as often as I overflow these water bottles.”

And then I thought, “My whole life is overflowing lately. The dishes in the kitchen sink are overflowing, the garbage is overflowing, the laundry is overflowing, my schedule is overflowing, and my anger and impatience have been overflowing…” Uh huh. But the overflowing grace, mercy, and goodness of the Lord are also overflowing in my life. Yes. That’s deep theology for floor cleaning. Just what I needed to refocus to finish the day well.

How has your life overflowed lately? How has God met you despite your mess?

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