Love Is A Handstitched Quilt

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Mrs. B. has seven children, one boy and six girls. Her son is in his late teens and her youngest two children are twin girls the same age as Amelie and Annika. She and her five girls sleep together on the floor in one room of their multifamily home. None of them had blankets until two days ago when I gave them two lovely quilts made by women in my home church.

Mr. B chose a very American colored quilt made by the same ladies for his bed. He currently has two very old, tattered, and dry-rotted quilts that are in such disrepair it would have been futile for me to piece them back together. Mr. B told me this morning that he gave his quilt to his son who did not have a blanket. I am not entirely sure of Mr. B’s salvation, and I know his wife and children subscribe to the religious beliefs of the Fulbe people; but acts of love like this surely draw their hearts closer to knowing Christ.

Please pray with me this week as David and I give another quilt to a neighbor who does not have a blanket. David will also share the Good News with her.

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