Fall Y’all!

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As the nights get longer and the days get shorter in the States, I miss crisp Fall air, warm apple pies, and rosy noses from late afternoon walks in crunchy leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year and I wish I could be there to enjoy it.

But Guinea has so much that the U.S. doesn’t. Many evenings I carry Annika on my back while pushing Amelie in a red umbrella stroller. Together we go on long walks down dusty roads past young men playing soccer and cows grazing to the edge of town where the road turns into a foot path. We see endless fields of tall, brown grass, rolling hills dotted with thatch roofed huts, and children playing with handmade tin can cars. As we pass each mud-brick home, everyone looks up from their work, stops to greet, and watches us walk by.

I can’t really imagine a life in the U.S. without knowledge of Guinea. And I can’t imagine life in Guinea without memories of the U.S.. Please pray for me as I create new memories for our family that include things I love about both of my homes and embrace life in the only place the girls call home.


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  • Jeanie

    Fall was my mom’s favorite time of year too. I miss her and my dad and all of you. I coud never live in Africa, but if home is where the heart is…Africa is my home.

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