Live Like An International Worker and Save

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Take a shower every two to four days

Learn to take a shower with less than a liter of water

Flush the toilet every third use

Use a wash and rinse tub for doing dishes: do not leave the water running. Use dirty water to flush the toilet or water plants

Use just two or three squares of toilet paper

Turn the water off when brushing your teeth

Only use one light or less per person in the house

Turn lights off when you leave a room

Open the blinds and curtains, and use as little electricity during the day as possible

Unplug appliances when not in use

Line dry your clothing

Grocery shop once every five to six months

Do not buy sweets and junk food

Do not eat out more than once a month

Always eat leftovers

Grow your own garden

Learn to prepare from-scratch meals

Only buy one Christmas or birthday gift per recipient. Spend less than $10 a person

Get rid of your cable bill: Sell your television

Do not go to movie theaters, borrow DVDs from others

Downgrade your $10 latte to an at home, instant coffee

Reuse plastic Ziploc bags until they have holes in them

Have a wardrobe that consists of only what you can fit in one, small closet

Borrow items from friends and neighbors instead of buying new

When possible, walk or ride your bike instead of driving

Live with less: make things do or do without

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  • Karen

    That makes me remember all too well…

  • Sue

    Hey, this is more or less how we live in Calgary too! I do take a few more showers… I still can’t believe I met a man who LIKES to live this way, even though he’s never been a missionary. Not to say he never WILL be though… seems like he was prepared already! Thanks for your writing Billie, I love it.

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