A Thief in The Night

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About midnight on Monday Mr. B, our guard heard rustling at the gate. He went out to find a young man trying to climb over our wall. He chased the guy off and went to his room, leaving the light on so the guy would know he was still awake. The intruder decided he really wanted our laundry tubs, so he waited outside the gate for a while, jamming rocks under it in order to block the gate from opening outward.  He then climbed over the lowest part of the wall around our courtyard where there is no broken glass, razor wire, or rusted nails sticking out the top to deter burglars. He snatched every last one of our laundry tubs, all of our wooden clothespins brought from the US, and took off running. Mr. B heard the commotion and chased the thief all the way to the intersection before he gave up.

We do laundry by hand almost every day, so Tuesday morning David had to go to the market and buy all new laundry tubs and clothespins. Even though the clothes pins were very expensive, they were rusting after just one use. It’s things like this that get under my skin. I won’t say I’m angry… but I am put off. After the eternally important meeting we had Sunday afternoon, I knew something was going to happen, but it still gets at me. I prayed for protection for my family, but didn’t think to pray for our things. I have to keep reminding myself they are just that: things.

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