Meeting Mr. Bah’s Twins

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While on a recent trip to Guinea, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bah’s twin daughters.  They were born the month before our twins.

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  • Rosemary Masso


    You are a good person! I really enjoy receiving your updates on what you do. I will be praying for you and Billie, as well as your girls. I went to Brazil this past July with other people from my church, and it was really upsetting to see how the people live in the slums. But, they love the people who preach to them about the Lord and give them food and clothing. Take care.


  • The Gentrys

    Hi David & Billie – my husband has prayed every evening about this trip & had just finished about 10 minutes before this letter arrived. Loved the picture of the twins – bet it made you miss your girls (all3 of them) David. We rejoice that all went so well & you are safely home again. By the way, do you have a food grinder to make baby food with ?
    Thanks for the update.
    God bless you all
    Love from the Gentrys

  • jimmy and lynette

    Thank you for your updates and letting us know how to pray. You look very comfy holding twins, I see. What a blessing you both are and blessing to you and yours with love and prayers. lynette

  • Mik and Cindy Ware

    Thank you so much for the story of your curent journey with the twins and again reminding me and us how fragile this life is and how most of the world struggle from day to day. I appreciate your heart som much to serve our Lord and Savior and to be the Light of Christ out there in the world where Hope Faith and Love are truly the most precious things to hold on to “Jesus”. We continue to pray for you all and know that God wil continue to make a way and through your servant hearts, to share the Truth of Eternal Love. God Speed

  • Carolyn Markle

    Hi. I am Jenny Stouter’s sister-in-law. I really enjoyed your missionary letter. What a challenge to live in that part of the world and to minister to your congregation. They are so anxious to hear of the Good News. God bless you and your family in travels and in your work there. Carolyn

  • Alice Twiford


    So glad to hear all went so well on your trip to Guinea. You and Billie and the twins have been in our thoughts and prayers. Do hope that Annika’s arm is fully healed at this point. Please let us know of your travel plans for return to Africa and a good mailing address for you over there as well. May the Lord watch over you all in your mission and travels.

    Alice, Les and Kate

  • Cheryl

    God Bless David, How beautiful are the feet that carry the good news. Your gift of love to the people of Guinea will bring Christ to their hearts. For the greatest of all is love. What a blessing you are to journey from your family to care for those who need to know Christ. As we continue to pray for your call to missions for the people of this land we also are being blessed. God is giving us the desires of our hearts as He answers each prayer for the people you serve. Sharing with us also allows us to connect our hearts to those you come to know. May God’s plan for you be filled with love, for love never fails.

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