Pray for Guinea Presidential Election

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This Sunday, June 27, the first round of presidential elections is being held in Guinea. This could mark the first fair and democratic election held in Guinea since independence from France in 1958. It should also lead to the transition of power from the military junta back to a civilian government. If all goes smoothly, it could bring about the end of sanctions against Guinea by various international organizations and governments, including the United States.

Elections can be a touchy time, so we ask for your prayers in particular right now. Please pray for peace and calm. Pray there will be no outbreaks of violence. Pray that the election will be fair and open with no irregularities. Pray that the outcome will be accepted by the population and the transition of power will be smooth and peaceful. Pray also for wisdom for the soon-to-be-elected leader. Finally, please pray that Guinea will remain open to the Gospel, and that we will be able to return there soon to continue our ministry.

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