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This past weekend we helped out at a medical clinic outreach in a village deep in the Guinean countryside.  During the course of the clinic, we saw 92 patients.  Diagnoses ranged from the minor (heartburn) to the serious (heart murmur) to the critical (kidney failure).  We saw people of all ages from infants to a man 90 years old.  Billlie helped out mainly by registering the patients as they arrived.  David helped by showing the Jesus Film to people as they waited and by selling Scripture and health literature at the registration table.  Every person who came through the clinic was prayed for and received an audio cassette of Scripture before they left.  In the next few blogs, we will be sharing some of our experiences from the clinic.

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  • Lisa

    Billie you make a super cute nurse!

  • Chris Whitson

    Billie & David – Mmmm – chicken head for lunch?! I shouldn’t talk – with my Armenian background, we eat grape leaves on a regular basis! I’m sure glad I took the time to look through all the pictures from the clinic. We get so impatient in the States when we have to wait in a clean, air-conditioned waiting room with padded chairs, and then are shown to a clean, well-equipped examining room and have to wait in there for the doctor to come in. Wow! Your clinic photos are such a jolt to see how these precious people are living, and also the conditions you are ministering in. I am in prayer for you even now.

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