S-S-S-Spitting Cobra

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Spitting Cobra

UPDATE// We were originally told this snake was a spitting cobra. We’ve since been able to identify it as a Forest Cobra (Naja melanoleuca). While it is venomous, it is not a spitting species.

Earlier this week our colleagues found a three foot long, spitting cobra in his yard.  In the cool of the morning the husband went out to turn on their generator.  When he opened the door to the generator house, he was greeted by the snake who was in the hooded position.  Our colleague quickly backed out of the shed and closed the door; knowing that if the snake spit into his eyes he could be blinded, and if it struck him, the venom would be deadly.

Thankfully, our friend was able to kill the snake before anyone was injured; although not before we arrived to take some action shots.


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  • Brian

    Yikes! I’ll stick to Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. We are glad noone was hurt.

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