Not Again!

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We have been back in Guinea for about a week now.  It is good to be back home after all our travels.  Some things in Guinea haven’t changed.  This past Sunday, riots broke out in Conakry over fuel prices.  The government lowered the price of fuel by about twenty percent.  Since the price of a barrel of oil has fallen more than fifty percent on the international market, the people were not satisfied with the price reduction.  Some people blocked roads, burned tires in the streets, and threw rocks at passing cars.  The police and military began clamping down.  The demonstrations have continued for about three days.  News reports have listed at least three deaths resulting from the unrest.  Fortunately, we are more than 200 miles away from the capital at our home in Kola.  All has been peaceful here.  Please pray for peace in all of Guinea.

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