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Not far from Kola perched on the side of a mountain is a little village.  A few years ago, a woman in that village had a dream which she shared with her husband.  In that dream, she saw a white man with a brightly colored shirt who came to share with them a message from God.  Not long after, a missionary colleague of ours stumbled upon their village while he was out riding his motorcycle, looking for a way to the top of the mountain.  He was wearing a brightly colored shirt, and he did share God’s Word with them on that occasion and several times after.  After that, circumstances prevented him from visiting the village again for over two years.

Yesterday, we accompanied this missionary back to the village for the first time.  It was quite a challenge to get there.  We left at dusk, because that is when the people would be returning from working in their fields.  We rented a taxi, because that is the way a typical Guinean would travel.  The road was rough and pitted from the rains.  Some potholes nearly seemed to swallow the car, and there were times we weren’t sure if the car could make it.  We got lost along the way in the dark and had to stop a few times to ask for directions.  Finally, as we asked another person for directions, we invited him to ride in the taxi with us to show us the way.  Fortunately, he consented and before long we found ourselves near the foot of the mountain.

The taxi could only go so far, so we had to walk the rest of the way.  The full moon gave us enough light to see by and we set off up the mountain.  We hoped the taxi would wait for us to take us home when we returned.  We walked up the steep incline and eventually came to a gate.  It was the gate to the village.  We entered the village and made ourselves known.  The people were so happy to see us.  In particular, they rejoiced to see our colleague again after his absence of two years.  We introduced ourselves and greeted many people.  Our friend spoke with a village leader and presented him with the Gospel of Matthew and a Scripture calendar.  He obtained permission for us to return to the village next Wednesday to show the Jesus film, sell Christian literature, and spend the night.

All too soon, it was time for us to return to the taxi and head home.  We said goodbye and hiked back down the mountainside.  The village children accompanied us the whole way.  At the bottom, we found our taxi driver had indeed waited for us, although he had taken the time to smoke some marijuana while he waited.  We prayed that he was not too impaired to drive us home.  We headed back toward Kola over the rough roads and at times it seemed the car would rattle to pieces.  We also anxiously watched the driver’s low fuel light which was flashing between green and orange: an indication that the tank was empty.  By the time we pulled up to our house in Kola, it was on orange.  Praise the Lord, though, we made it home safely.  Pray for us as we return next Wednesday to share the Gospel with the people of this village on the mountain.

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  • Todd B.


    You are in our prayers. May God grant you a harvest in that village.

    — Todd

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