The Price of Things

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People all over the world are struggling right now with increased food and fuel prices.  We are hit by the rising prices as well, but the hardship for our neighbors is far greater.  Today, I went out to buy some fuel.  First, I stopped at the gas station.  I bought 114 liters of diesel.  That is about 30 gallons.  That wasn’t quite enough to completely fill both tanks on our vehicle.  The cost?  800,000 Guinea Francs which is about $180.  Next, I drove into town to buy propane gas for our refrigerator.  (It cools the food by burning the gas; I could explain how, but I don’t want to get off topic.)  I bought enough gas to run the fridge for one month.  Cost?  210,000 Guinea Francs – about $47.  The next time you feel the pinch in your pocket book when you are at the gas pump or paying the bills, take a moment to pray for the people in Guinea and around the world who are hit even harder by rising food and fuel prices.

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