Strikes, Strikes, and More Strikes

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In some of our previous blog entries we detailed how the soldiers in Guinea rebelled a couple weeks ago against their leaders.  They made many demands and the government has met most of them.

Now, taking their cue perhaps from the soldiers, we have news of even more strikes.  Last week, the teachers announced their intention to strike on June 19.

Not wanting to be beat to the picket line, the police in Conakry began a strike today making many demands similar to those of the soldiers.  The traffic is gridlocked in the capital, and there have even been reports of police taking their commanders hostage, firing off weapons, robbing civilian vehicles, and pillaging a police armory for more weapons.

Hot on the heels of the police, the customs agents announced that they are on strike as well and submitted a list of demands.

Please pray for a peaceful resolution to these situations.

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