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Hacked Off Fuel Line

It rained last Sunday night. When it rains in Guinea, the water pounds on the tin roofs so hard you can’t hear a screamed conversation at the dinner table. The storm began with winds blowing so fiercely that David wondered aloud if the roof was tied on sufficiently. It was.

Ironically, I slept so soundly that night I didn’t know the storm raged for hours. Apparently our guard slept deeply too.

In the morning David found someone had climbed our fence, hacked off, and stolen a ten foot section of our garden hose. In the intensity of the storm, we didn’t hear anyone climbing the wall or walking on the stones in the courtyard.

But why would someone want our old garden hose? That was the hose we stretched across the road to the neighbor’s house every week to share our water. Without our water they have to draw water from a well ever day. That’s a lot of work for a huge family like theirs.

Georgia and I thought about it all day. Why would someone steal our garden hose? Georgia was the first to check a hunch and notice chipped paint around the small door to the gas tank on our SUV. With gas prices at $7 per gallon, stealing large quantities of gas from a vehicle like ours could feed a family for a long time.

Thankfully our gas tank door locks, and after what appeared to be two attempts, the thief discovered he wasn’t getting gas that easily. Unfortunately, a locked door wasn’t enough to deter him.

Next the thief crawled under the car and hacked off the fuel line to our gas tank. Then, using our garden hose he tried to drain the auxiliary gas tank into large, empty, oil containers to be sold later on the black market.

We praise God that our second, auxiliary gas tank was empty because we had just returned from a trip to Conakry. In the end, the thief only got away with our garden hose and little or no gasoline. The fuel line cost about $5 to fix. Now we’ll have to get a metal guard welded to the bottom of our car, covering the fuel line to deter future theft.

We praise God for His protection, that nothing else was stolen or damaged, and that no one was personally threatened.

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