Guinea Crisis Averted

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We sat tensely listening for news this week as Guinea seemed perched on the brink of disaster. There were signs of unrest among the population including protests in various cities. Our own city, Kola, experienced a riot of its own as mobs of unruly students went on a rock-throwing rampage.

Rumors were flying fast and furious and no one seemed to know exactly what would happen. We stockpiled food and fuel in our home, mapped out evacuation routes, and prepared for the worst.

Praise God, the worst never came. Instead, after numerous meetings with government, social, and religious leaders, the trade unions decided to call off the strike planned for yesterday. Instead, the nation’s leaders are going to seek a solution through peaceful negotiations. We can all breathe easy, at least for now.

Thank you so much for your prayers this past week. We were overwhelmed by the amount of prayer and encouragement we received! Many political and social problems still exist in Guinea and we ask you to continue praying for the people here. Even more than they need peace in their country, they need the peace of God in their hearts that can only come through faith in the One, True God.

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