Guinea Crisis Update

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Thank you for praying for praying for Guinea. As of right now, the situation here seems very unclear. The trade unions have called for a strike beginning tomorrow, but there is real question as to whether it will proceed as planned. We have stocked up on food and fuel at our house and made contingency plans for evacuation from the country if necessary. However, we are really praying that peace would prevail, and we would be able to remain here.

On Monday, a colleague and I went to a government office to get paperwork allowing us to leave the country by land if necessary. As we were leaving, a mob of students throwing rocks forced us to leave the government compound by a back road. Since then, things have settled down in our town, but we are still on guard constantly for signs of unrest. Please keep Guinea in your prayers. We are counting on you!

For some recent news, you may read this article on Reuters:

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  • Jodi

    The children Ray and I are all praying fervently for you. His ultimate perfect will be done!

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