Nontraditional Mole Removal

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The excitement of my week came yesterday when I had four moles removed from my back, side and stomach. A doctor flew in from the U.S. to work in a hospital down in the forest. He agreed to remove the moles before he left for his post. So off I went to a colleague’s home where the doctor removed the moles.

Really, it was quite a sight. I laid on a plastic table in the dining room, David sat on a sofa beside me reading a magazine and drinking a coke, a maid was cleaning, the washer was running, the doctor’s wife was preparing dinner, another person was on the computer checking email, and a friend was handing the doctor the instruments from the dining room table… all in just two rooms of the house!

At some point I asked David if he would have had four moles removed on a dining room table in West Africa. He said probably not, but we both agreed that it was far more sterile than any local hospital, and despite the nontraditional location and atmosphere for this minor surgery, the doctor was extremely professional.

Pray for favorable lab results, against infection, and for quick healing. The stitches come out in a week.

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  • Chris Whitson

    Billie!! What a wild scene that must have been!

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