Nongo Toddies & African Moon Pies

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Lest you think life in Africa is all work and no chocolate, I give you Nongo Toddies and African moon pies. July 21 was my birthday. I celebrated by eating far too many moon pies. You may be wondering the same thing my friend was: “how on earth did you get moon pies?! That’s hilarious! I thought you could only get those down south!”

Yes, well, they were a cheap, West African imitation called “Bifa Soft.” But they seemed a little like home at the time. And if one is good, a whole box is better.

Thankfully my husband doesn’t like African moon pies. But he does like “Toddy,” a chocolate malt drink mix we found at the local market. We call it Nongo Toddy since we live in Nongo, a neighborhood within the city. We mix the chocolate powder with milk powder and water. I add a scoop of instant coffee just for some kick.

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