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This week in Pular language studies I learned words for members of the family. I drew my language helper, ‘Binta’s’ family tree for practice. When I drew a fourth child for her baby due in September, she looked a little surprised.

Although Binta is a Christian, I try to take every opportunity I can to share Bible truths with her. I told her that God created her baby and that it is a real, live human being. A lengthy discussion ensued about the fate of unborn babies and children in West Africa.

Binta said she was taught that ‘Allah’ did not breathe life into an unborn child until the mother is four months pregnant. It was only when an American friend showed her pictures of gestation that she knew the truth. She was amazed at God’s handiwork; at how He forms a baby in the womb.

Sadly, abortions are too common in young, unwed mothers in West Africa. I have also been told of babies who are used in spiritual rituals and sacrifices.

Mothers who do not want their babies will put them in a gutter for torrential rains to sweep away; or on the beach for the tide to carry out into the ocean. The more fortunate babies are bundled up and left in the grass, or by the road for someone to find. This was the case for a tiny, two week old baby boy found last week. Fortunately, two colleagues volunteered to adopt him.

And what about older children whose parent’s cannot provide for them? Just today I heard of a van full of ten naked children, ages 4-7 being smuggled across the border to be sold as slaves or prostitutes. It is possible that their parents sold them for food money.

In the U.S. we kill babies before they are born. In Guinea, mothers facing poverty and despair struggle with killing their babies well after they’ve given birth to them.

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  • Jennifer Moerschel

    Hi there Billie. Just been thinking about y’all lots lately. I would love to chat with you. I am always amazed at your stories. You are made for this and the Lord has so prepared you. He has made you strong in Him and given you lots of endurance. You are so filled with His Spirit. What are some things that y’all would like to receive in a package. I would love to know, needs and wants! Would that be okay for us to send you something and where would we send it? Sorry to be so forgetful, but could you let me know a good time again to call you? A while back I was on Skype and David started writing. I am sorry that we missed y’all because I was on the phone with someone. Thinking of you and if you want to send me more specific prayer requests that would be great too along with your direct email address. lots of love, jen the Lord in your midst is mighty, he is mighty to save, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.

  • Amanda Hurtt

    This is the most devestating thing I have heard in a long time. When I hear things like this, I always think…”Lord, I’ll take care of those sweet babies”….

  • Billie

    Yeah, I’d take care of them too, but our house and our budget aren’t big enough!

  • Brandon

    No room and no money! Those sound like great reasons not to have kids! If you can get the people of Guinea who have even less room and far less money to start thinking that way then maybe we wouldn’t have to hear such “devastating things.” Let this post be my contribution to “You the Missionary” Give me the address over there and I will get someone here to print up educational pamphlets on the topic of family planning in the Pular language and you can hand those out on my behalf.

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