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Meet our new pets.  In the yard of our new house, we have two new friends.  They are duikers, a miniature form of deer native to the country of Guinea.  They are about two feet high and quite friendly.  Would anyone care to suggest some names for them?  Although they might make a good lunch for a national, we have no plans to eat them (at least for now).

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  • laura

    how about magnum and b.o. 🙂

  • Sue Utley

    You would not eat them would you? Yikes! Ok, so here is a suggestion for names, and since you didn’t say where their sex was, these are generic names: Sydney & Philo. Only a suggestion!

  • Lori Flory

    How about Snickers and Butterscotch? O.K., I know it sounds like I love candy!

  • Billie

    They are both girls.

  • jill

    i would name them skittles and bami

  • jill

    did not one of them die

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