New Pets

 In Billie

Duiker Deer

Meet our new pets.  In the yard of our new house in Conakry, we have two new friends.  They are duikers, a miniature form of deer native to Guinea.  They are about two feet high and quite friendly.  Would anyone care to suggest some names for them?  Although they might make a good lunch for a Guinean, we have no plans to eat them (at least for now).

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  • laura

    how about magnum and b.o. 🙂

  • Sue Utley

    You would not eat them would you? Yikes! Ok, so here is a suggestion for names, and since you didn’t say where their sex was, these are generic names: Sydney & Philo. Only a suggestion!

  • Lori Flory

    How about Snickers and Butterscotch? O.K., I know it sounds like I love candy!

  • Billie

    They are both girls.

  • jill

    i would name them skittles and bami

  • jill

    did not one of them die

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