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We are learning to be thankful each day for the little things. For example, this past week, our power came back on. And this past weekend, the power was even on for several hours during the daytime and not just at night like usual. On top of that, we have actually had enough water lately to drink, cook, bathe, and clean. Thanks to all those who prayed for those requests.  We better be careful or we will get spoiled. Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Life is interesting and we have to deal with inconveniences, but we also get to have so many unique experiences here. There is the sweet taste of freshly picked mangoes; the cool after a rain storm; times of fellowship shared with other westerners. This past week, we were even able to begin a study with our security guard and his wife. It is amazing how a simple life can really make a person more thankful for the little things.

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