Upside Down

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Do you ever feel your life is like our fridge? Upside down!

We bought a fridge this week that runs on electricity and gas. It had to sit upside down for 24 hours, then right side up for 24 hours before we could plug it in and use it. Well, when we tried to light it, it wouldn’t start.

I laughed and thought, “That about sums up my life sometimes~ upside down, right side up, slow at the start!”

This week will be busy for us as we begin team meetings, start planning for ministry and getting ready to move again. Pray with us for a good start.

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  • Chris Whitson

    I’ve been following your trip to the States from “afar.” We’ve been lifting you up in prayer continuously. I knew the trip would be somewhat overwhelming with the lifestyle of the States being what it is compared to Guinea. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and sending much love and a big hug!

  • JJ

    Bills, it was such a treat to be able to talk on the ‘phone’ with you yesterday (even if it was only for a few minutes!). It was so sweet of you to call and leave a message today. I wish I just hop on a plane and come and see you and help you cook and clean there. I admire you for what you are dealing with for the Lord.

  • Amanda Hurtt

    Hi! I was going thru pics just now. You will have to tell me about the tradition of baby naming ceremonies. Looks amazing. You know I am interested in all things baby!

    Your house looks pretty. I am thinking that is the old house, though. Take some pics of the new house. 🙂 I want to see it. Your brownies look DELICIOUS!

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