Back in Guinea

 In David, Ministry

Well, we are once again back in the heat and humidity of Guinea.  It has been an interesting time even though we have only been here a few days.  Since Friday, there has been no electricity at all while the government has been repairing and upgrading the electrical grid.  There has also been no city water coming to our house for reasons unknown.  We have had to get water delivered in jugs.  Needless to say, this makes bathing regularly a luxury we can’t afford.  On a positive note, our teammates were able to make it back to Guinea while we were in the States.  Now we will be praying and strategizing together as we plan the coming years of ministry.  Thank you for praying for us throughout our unexpected trip home to the U.S. and our return to Guinea.  We now feel refreshed and encouraged, ready to face whatever lies ahead.  Please keep praying.

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