The Lap of Luxury

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We have been in the United States for two weeks now. It is amazing how different things look here after living in Africa for over a year. The things we used to take for granted are now a luxury to us. Even something as simple as fresh water from the tap can seem like a gourmet item. Do Americans realize how good they have it? The rest of the world would be in awe to see the luxuries that Americans experience and take for granted every day. On a different note, we have been blessed to see and reconnect with many friends and family members. We will treasure these moments long after we return to Africa in early May. In a way, this visit is giving us strength that will help carry us through the coming years.

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  • JJ

    Don’t worry David, I DO realize how easy life is for us here in America! Everything from doing laundry, cooking, shopping, and traveling. Is it easy to forget that Americans wealth is a minority in the world? YES! Sometimes even at school I am reminded that I take my luxuries for granted when my students tell me they don’t have health insurance, have never been to the mountains, seen snow, and will never have the chance to travel (well, except for Mexico maybe!)

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