The Eighth Commandment

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“Faith, what’s happening?”

We just crossed a bridge after leaving the market, and a huge crowd of angry men was approaching us. They were shouting and waving their hands. Our minds raced to the recent riots and unrest in Guinea.

We were weighed down by a heavy load of glasses, dishes, and silverware. The afternoon sun was scorching hot. We quickly looked around. There was no way around the advancing mob.

“Faith, what’s happening?” we yelled again. Then we saw two police officers dragging a young boy about 14 years old through the streets. They stopped just beside us.

“He’s a thief,” she said. “They will beat him. It is good.”

Apparently the boy got caught stealing something. His public beating was both a punishment and a warning to others. For me it was a visible reminder of Exodus 20:15:

“Thou shalt not steal.”

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  • Brian Devers

    We are praying for your health, safty and new ministery opportunies.

  • Jodi

    We are praying.

  • JJ

    your story reminded me of the incidents in cairo when boys would, out of nowwhere, grab our behinds (this all sounds very funny now but of course it wasn’t at the time!). one time shiela and i yelled at the boy that he was going to be a curse to his family to make a scene- don’t think it was an effective strategy but it sure makes me laugh now.

    i’m sorry that your dish buying experience was not as easy as driving to the car to the nearest bed, bath, and beyond. at least your shopping trip has a dramatic story behind it. love you billie!

    hey, if you guys happen to have a lay-over at lax, you know who to call!

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