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We are sitting in a cybercafe in Conakry.  There is no power so the cafe is running a generator.  There only have six to twelve hours of electricity a day.  Our refrigerator can barely keep stuff cold.  There is no washing machine, so we do the laundry by hand.  When it’s dry, we have to let it sit for three days before we wear it so all the fly eggs hatch and die instead of burrowing into our skin.  We have no fans, even though it is quite hot and humid.  We live in a house compound with an African couple, a short-term worker from Canada, two dogs, two cats, three kittens, and a few toads and lizards.  We filter all water before we drink it.  When we travel, we go by taxi.  The taxis here carry six passengers at a time.  All these things make life very interesting and a bit difficult at times.  Still, we are enjoying ourselves because we are right where God wants us doing what he wants us to do.  The next time we are in the U.S., life will seem quite boring by comparison.  What a joy it is to serve the Lord!

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  • Mom/Jeanie

    Hi David and Billie,
    I’m thinking of you and praying for you as you adjust to your new home and life. I am so proud of you both. I know you have done and will do great things for God. He must be so proud of you as well. I know it’s a huge adjustment for you and I can’t imagine doing all the things you have done. God will surely bless you. As the song says, “Thank you for giving to the Lord”. I look forward to meeting many people in Heaven someday, who are there because you gave.
    Love always,

  • JJ

    next time i complain about doing laundry i will thank the Lord for how easy i have it and pray for your strength billie! i am sure that the other ‘guinenas’ look at you 2 with wonder and curiosity asking ‘why would they give up an American life to live amongst us?’! i am praying that your love for JC would shine in EVERYTHING you do, even doing laundry!

    hugs and kisses from cali,
    jj and gar

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