Hello, Guinea!

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We’re here! Last Thursday, we flew from Dakar to Conakry. God answered many prayers along the way. For example, at the airport we were limited to about 75 pounds of checked baggage, each. Well, we showed up with more like 200 pounds each of checked luggage and probably another 60 pounds each of carry-ons (including a guitar). Thankfully, we were traveling with a group of boarding school students who were returning to Guinea from Dakar to be with their families during spring break. We checked all our baggage in together as a group. Some of the students had less than the limit, and it must have balanced out in the end. We transported everything we own in Africa to Guinea with no baggage fees and no delays. All our luggage arrived on time and in one piece (with only a few minor items stolen in transit)! We also made it through customs with no problems. We are especially thankful for the people who met us at the airport and helped us get all our stuff to a temporary home. We are renting the house of someone who is in their passport country. One person in particular has helped us go shopping and made sure we had dinner four nights in a row. God is so good! We feel his support on all sides. We know we are right where He wants us.

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