Those Living in Darkness . . .

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The past few mornings we have heard the first call to prayer at 4:50 a.m. Our thoughts are drawn to the thousands of Muslims who faithfully rouse themselves from quiet slumber to begin their day with prayer. It is cool outside and darkness covers the city because the sun has not begun to shine. They wash, unroll their prayer rugs and face Mecca. They pray to a god who neither hears nor cares for them. He is, in fact, no god at all. Please pray for these Muslims as they live and work in darkness where the Son has yet to shine.

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  • Chris Whitson

    Billie – I can’t tell you how often I am burdened to pray for you. I say “burdened” but it is a pleasant burden. I simply stop whatever I’m doing and breathe your name to our precious Lord. Just know that as you walk the streets of your new home in Guinea and greet the new faces that look at you with curiosity, that I am among the team that God has put together behind you – – praying for you and David.

    I am going through your prayer list right now before I close the computer.
    Love, Chris

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