Perfect Timing

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It was January 2005. We were in Orlando, Florida, at our headquarters. At that time, we felt some very clear direction from the Lord about where we should go as international workers. The answer was Guinea by way of Senegal. We felt like we’d had a revelation. We pressed ahead.

Fast forward two years. It was now January 2007, and we were living in Senegal, nearing the end of our French studies. We were just two months away from moving to Guinea. Then, we watched the news unfold. The unions in Guinea called an unlimited, general strike. The country basically shut down. There were demands for the president to make many major changes. Initially, he signed a concession and work resumed. One of the demands was that he appoint a new prime minister. Unfortunately, he chose to appoint one of his close associates to the position, and the country exploded in violence. Our prospects of moving to Guinea looked bleak as demonstrators were shot and killed, stores and homes were pillaged, and vehicles were burned in the streets. The death toll mounted and the president declared a state of siege. He put the military in charge and ordered them to restore peace. For days, we waited to see what would happen next. Finally, on February 23, the dam broke. The national assembly refused the president’s request to extend martial law. International pressure could no longer be ignored. The president acquiesced and agreed to appoint a different prime minister. On Monday, February 26, he followed through on his pledge and there was dancing in the streets of Guinea. The strike was over. Peace was restored.

Who could have imagined two years ago when we began this journey toward Guinea that the very month we planned to move there would be the month after such upheaval? God knew. We believe he put us on track to arrive in this bruised and wounded country at just the right time. He has prepared the way for us. It gives us chills to think about the way God’s invisible hand has sculpted these events. How has God been sculpting the events of your life? Do you have any stories of how God has made circumstances in your life work out just right?

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