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I sat in class a few weeks ago talking to ‘Anna’ during the mid-morning break. I’ve tried to take every opportunity I could to share truth with her since class started in November. Aboubacar joined us. Conversation turned toward French language study. We all agreed it’s hard work and time consuming. Aboubacar turned to me and very seriously said, “When it comes to learning, whether you’re an adult or a small lizard, it’s difficult!” I’m not sure why, but I thought that was hysterical. Indeed, sometimes language learning does make you feel like a small lizard!

While our formal French studies are now complete, informal French language learning will continue for years. It’s true, ‘learning is difficult,’ but God gives wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5)… even to small lizards like us.

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  • Chris Whitson

    How funny about the small lizard! That made my day! Praying for you right now.

  • Mark Holtzscher

    That was hilarious! That made my day.

  • Matthew Spandler-Davison

    Hey Guys! I love the new website and you can trust that I will will be a regular visitor. I was curious about recent developments in Guinea as I heard most IMB personnel had been pulled out. We are earnestly praying for you guys!!


  • JJ

    very cute; your website is amazing! thanks for the phone calls for my b-day and an update. can’t believe what you guys face there on a daily basis; prayers for you 2.

  • Tyler

    Hey David & Billie!
    What an awesome website! Have been lifting you guys up at home and at school. In fact, I vaguely described your recent situation without saying your names in one class and this girl turns around and says, “You’re talking about the Blessings!” I still don’t know her name, but if I get the chance I’ll ask her how she knows you guys.
    I am so glad to hear that God has been gracious and opened the door. May He continue to open door after door after door as you go in His name!
    Love and prayers,
    Tyler & Katrina

  • laura smith

    oh my goodness, billie, i just read this and about fell out of my chair at work. thank you for the funny but true inspiration. God bless you and David.

    Love you both,

  • Lori Flory

    Hello, you little lizard! How exciting that God is once again opening the doors for you and David to go where he has called you. You have a great web site, and it’s fun to read you blogs.

    And Oh, by the way, Marisa found Duncan after he had already visited 3 different ladies in the ‘hood! We’re glad he’s back.

    God Bless.

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