Guinea Life

I am sitting in a cybercafe in Conakry.  There is no power so the cafe is running a generator.  In fact, we only have six to twelve hours of electricity a day.  Our refrigerator can barely keep [...]


Ghost Town

The streets of Dakar are eerily quiet today. Hundreds of thousands of people have left the city to make the annual pilgrimmage to Touba, the holy city of the Mouride Islamic Brotherhood. The [...]


Perfect Timing

It was January 2005. Billie and I were in Orlando, Florida, at our missions agency headquarters. At that time, we felt some very clear direction from the Lord about where we should go as [...]


Small Lizards

I was sitting in class a few weeks ago talking to ‘Anna’ during the mid-morning break. I’ve tried to take every opportunity I could to share Bible truths with her since class [...]