It’s Raining. In February. In Guinea.

 In Billie

In fact, it’s been raining for two days and two nights. Amazing, I know! With the exception of a few drips and drops in April for the mango trees, it doesn’t usually start raining until May. We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the familiar “pat-a-tap-tap” on the tin roof. (David better get to fixin’ the leaks in our roof!)

What’s more amazing, we had cheeseburgers for dinner. That required making buns, and having meat and cheese in the house. It sounds like something small, but the meat and cheese is brought up from Conakry and the idea didn’t hit me until long about 4:30… very late in the day for bread-making.

David found these in town the other day:

I am on my second third okay, I ate all six packages in about three days. They resemble Oreo cookies, but are way better. I am certain the ingredients are not good for me in any of the seven languages listed. Never mind that.

Did you receive our Christmas card yet? I had the hardest time getting our mail out of the country the end of 2011. To my knowledge, they were taken to the US but have not yet arrived in your mailbox. I suppose I will have to mail Christmas cards in October this year.

After a week of team meetings, we are solidifying our plans for travel and ministry for 2012. Please let us know if you would like to come for a visit!

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