Coup d’Etat!

 In David

Today, we are living in a changed country.  This past Tuesday, the announcement came that the president of Guinea had died.  That very day, a military faction launched a coup in order to topple the government.  They took over the radio and television broadcasts announcing that the constitution was suspended and the current government dissolved.  For a day or so, the outcome seemed uncertain, with the government denying the success of the coup, but eventually, the government leaders were forced to concede defeat.  And so, today, Guinea is a changed country.  The old government is dead and we must wait to see what the future will reveal.

Personally, we feel safe for now.  Living seven hours from the capital has its advantages.  In our city so far, life goes on.  We haven’t gone out much, but when we have, we haven’t seen many signs of change.  Shops are open, people are buying and selling, people are going about their daily lives.  We appreciate your prayers during this uncertain time.

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