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I bought Lotte (a type of fish) from a door-to-door vendor yesterday. We don’t eat fish. “So, why did you buy a kilo of fish?” you ask. That’s a good question! Lotte is a very mild fish, and is actually quite good when breaded, seasoned, and fried. It actually ‘tastes like chicken!’ That, and well, we thought we’d be adventurous and try something new.

So, I get the fish inside and realize I have never actually cut up a fish before. I’ve watched the ladies at the fishing beach scale and gut them, but never actually cut them to prepare for frying. I did my best, though I’m sure a Guinean would have shaken her head at the meat left on the bone.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try frying it and see how it turns out. While I’m gathering my spices, what’s something new you can try this week?

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